September 29, 2016

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Thank-You Maine's Professional Fire Fighters
PFFM Endorses Mike Michaud for Governor
Standing for our Brothers and Sisters

IAFF New England Leadership at IAFF Convention
Always on the front lines...
IAFF National Leadership visits Saco Local
the PFFM is Working Every Day for its Members...
Local 740 MDA Fundraiser

Portland Firefighter's MDA 5K.

October 15th.

Registration 0730

Race starts 0800

For more information click on the flyer below.

Download: 5K Fire Flyer PFD.pdf

What's New at PFFMAINE
Local 772 supports retired Brother

The members of Bangor FD Local 772, are shown supporting retired brother - Lt Dave Dow. Dave was diagnosed with Brain cancer in June and continues the fight. He has had surgery, and just finished radiation and his first round of chemo therapy.

To 'celebrate' brother Dow's last radiation treatment, members from the Bangor FD, Brewer Fd, Ellsworth FD and others gathered on the roadway from the Cancer Center in Brewer. He also received a welcome back at his home, from 2  Bangor engine companies. Earlier in the day, members made a donation to get their hair cut like Dave.

A special thanks goes out to the girls at the Hairs Den on Hammond Street in Bangor. They donated their chairs, time and clippers to help this great cause.

From the MC rally
“I am grateful to share my time and efforts with the firefighters.  You are the best role models for me and others who face dire challenges.  Each day you sacrifice everything to help others.  During the most difficult situations, you show strength, bravery and kindness.  I hope in my lifetime that I can be more like you. Read More...
Help IAFF Members Who Lost Their Homes
Dear IAFF Member, By now, you have probably seen images of the massive wildfire that is currently raging in the city of Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta, Canada, and are thinking about our Local 2494 members who are doing their job protecting the city and its citizens while their own families and homes are at risk. Read More...
Cancer Risks for Firefighters: More Than You May Realize
Two years ago, 43-year-old Maine firefighter Mike Nixon was diagnosed with malignant melanoma — the most dangerous form of skin cancer. “I had a spot develop in a weird place on my ear,” he says. “It wasn’t on top where you’d think people would get skin cancer, where there is sun exposure. Read More...
Carbon Monoxide: the silent killer
PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's called the silent killer. You can't see it, smell it, or taste it. Carbon monoxide kills an average of 160 people a year in this country. Under Maine law apartment buildings now must have carbon monoxide detectors. So do long term rentals but older hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts, those built before 2009, do not. Read More...
Maine Scientist to Study Link Between Fire Fighters and Cancer
Firefighters risk their lives daily for those in the community. A scientist says there are many health risks involved and what protects them is part of the problem. Caitlin Burchill explains. ==== The Orrington Fire Chief wants to protect his crew at all costs. Read More...
Bunker Gear - Does it Fit Right?
 When I began a career in the fire service, it was a common practice in many fire departments to be issued hand me down bunker gear.  I remember once where I had to repair my helmet to make it somewhat useful.  Most firefighters entering the fire service over 20-30 years ago had to earn the right to wear new or slightly used bunker gear due, in part, to economics. Read More...
How to Become a Professional Fire Fighter
The IAFF has released a new online resource on How to Become a Professional Fire Fighter for affiliates to use in recuitment campaigns or for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about how to pursue a career as a professional fire fighter/paramedic. Read More...
Study: Exposure to flame retardant chemicals means firefighters face higher cancer risk than previously thought
Study: Exposure to flame retardant chemicals means firefighters face higher cancer risk than previously thought  ELLSWORTH, Maine — New research by a Blue Hill scientist shows that during a fire, firefighters are exposed to dangerous levels of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals created when commercial flame retardants burn. Read More...
Political Endorsements

IAFF Fire Fighters Thank Those Who Have Sacrificed For Us

Never Forget - Everyone who parished on Sept 11, 2001

Fifteen years ago. To some it can seem like an eternity, to others only yesterday, and then there are those who were not yet born, having no memory of that period at all.
          Today, we will remember back those fifteen years to the clear fall morning of September 11, 2001. At 8:45 a.m. the first plane slammed into the North Tower. Not long afterwards, the second plane made its cowardly dive into the South Tower. The Pentagon took a direct hit and courageous passengers aboard United Flight 93 forced their plane down short of its intended target. Our nation was under attack and we were now at war.

We recall the emotions felt as we watched the smoking towers, knowing full well thousands of civilians were trapped on the upper floors by heat and fire.

We saw the images of sober faced firefighters, cops and other first responders as they headed towards those who were trapped in those buildings, some leaving notes to their loved ones on the rigs as they geared up. You could see in their eyes they knew the reality of what they were about to do, but they went ahead anyway and did their job.

By late morning, both towers had collapsed. Nearly three thousand lives were crushed out, including 343 brothers of the FDNY.

Immediately the surviving crews went into rescue mode. Thousands of trade workers descended on the scene to assist in whatever way possible. Unfortunately, there were few survivors and efforts now turned into the recovery of those who died.

Day after day we watched the work being done on the acrid, toxic pile of Ground Zero by firefighters, Police Officers and trade workers. They toiled in a carcinogenic plume of dust and smoke for months on end, trying to recover the remains of those lost so that their loved ones may find some form of peace.

But there has been a price to pay for their selfless service. Thousand of responders who worked the pile and residents in surrounding neighborhoods are coming down with cancer and other health related issues related to 9/11.

In the fifteen years since 9/11, nearly one hundred members of the FDNY have died of cancer or health related issues. This is on top of the thousands of other people who were exposed to Ground Zero and are now suffering the consequences. Fortunately, after years of shameful delay by Congress, the Zadroga Act is now fully funded and these victims will have some measure of health care for their illnesses.

As a nation, it is our responsibility and duty, to remember the sacrifices made by all those who perished on September 11, 2001. The magnitude of that day’s event in history must not be lost on our future generations. But is also our solemn duty to take care of those who worked Ground Zero.  Our nation was in a time of need, they showed us the resolve to forge ahead against all odds and let our enemies know we will not be beaten down.

Fifteen year ago. We will each measure that amount of time in a different way. For some, September 11, 2001 was a long time ago. For others, the images, emotions and loss of loved ones are relived everyday. They have not forgotten and we must never forget.

In Solidarity,

John Martell


Professional Fire Fighters of Maine/IAFF


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