What We Do
    Since May 7, 1945 The Professional Fire Fighters of Maine has been on the Frontlines fighting to better our members wages, working conditions, and health & safety. We fight for our members’ interest at the Contract Table , in the Legislature, political and social landscape.

    Who We Are
    The PFFMaine’s Executive Board working with the IAFF and our 3rd District Vice-President are committed to protecting our members and their families. The PFFMaine Executive Members have the knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences at the Local, State and International Level that represents all aspects of the fire service, our Union, and our membership and is fully committed to fighting for you!

    Who We Represent
    We are proud to represent over 1400 active and retired members that include Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Communication Operators, Inspectors, Training Officers and other Fire Department personnel in thirty-five (35) IAFF Locals throughout the State of Maine.

    PFFMaine Firestrong
    Tools to Build a Stronger You

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    Exclusively for IAFF Members

    New Perceptions
    Specializing in Treatment for First Responders




    PFFMaine's Behavioral Health Response Program

    Sisters and Brothers, Firestrong is an independently operated online resource for members of the Fire Service and their families. The mission of Firestrong is to offer mental, emotional, and physical support to each member of the fire department and their families by providing educational tools, resources, crisis intervention assistance (crisis line) and peer support services. The Professional Fire Fighters of Maine has partnered with Firestrong and have incorporated their resources into the PFFMaine’s Behavioral Health Response Program.

    Cancer Risks for Firefighters: More Than You May Realize

    By Diane Atwood Two years ago, 43-year-old Maine firefighter Mike Nixon was diagnosed with malignant melanoma — the most dangerous form of skin cancer. “I had a spot develop in a weird place on my ear,” he says. “It wasn’t on top where you’d think people would get skin cancer, where there is sun exposure.

    Maine Scientist to Study Link Between Fire Fighters and Cancer

    By Caitlin Burchill Posted Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 Firefighters risk their lives daily for those in the community. A scientist says there are many health risks involved and what protects them is part of the problem. Caitlin Burchill explains. ==== The Orrington Fire Chief wants to protect his crew at all costs.

    Study: Exposure to flame retardant chemicals means firefighters face higher cancer risk than previously thought

    Study: Exposure to flame retardant chemicals means firefighters face higher cancer risk than previously thought ELLSWORTH, Maine — New research by a Blue Hill scientist shows that during a fire, firefighters are exposed to dangerous levels of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals created when commercial flame retardants burn.

    Help us Fight Cancer

    Sisters and Brothers, The cancer epidemic is leaving its mark on families all over Maine, but firefighters are getting hit even harder than most. Firefighters are getting cancer at alarming rates -- sometimes more than DOUBLE the cancer rates in the general public.

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     Line-of-Duty Death Announcements

    John McNelis
    Local: L2325, Barstow , CA | Date of Death: 12/21/2022 | Date of Funeral: 02/11/2023
    Brandon Norbury
    Local: L1062, Gresham, OR | Date of Death: 02/03/2023
    Craig A. Saris
    Local: L0830, Norwalk, CT | Date of Death: 02/06/2023
    Andrew W. Jefferies
    Local: L0571, Galveston , TX | Date of Death: 02/07/2023
    Jayne E. Schwenger
    Local: L1290, Aurora, CO | Date of Death: 07/20/2023
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