Organizing & Field Services

Organizing & Field Services Program

Purpose: The Organizing & Field Services Program is designed to provide PFFMaine affiliates with quality labor/employee-management representation, education for local union officers, and provides financial assistance to PFFMaine Affiliates to help defray the cost of fulfilling their representational responsibilities through grants or an interest-free loan.    

Background: Since June 1989, PFFMaine has been providing labor-management representation and/or services to PFFMaine affiliates that participate in and pay for services under the PFFMaine’s Full-Service Program. These services included but were not limited to organizing new IAFF/PFFMaine affiliates, assisting new locals in obtaining the exclusive recognition, contract negotiations, grievance/arbitration preparation/presentation, preparing and processing ULP charges, representing employees exposed to disciplinary actions, providing training for local union leaders and legal assistance as necessary. These services have been historically provided by the PFFMaine’s District Vice-Presidents and our Secretary.  Since 1989, the PFFMaine amended the Full-Service Program in 1994, 1996 and 2001 and 2012 created the Organizing & Field Services Policy to replace the Full-Service Program. The Organizing & Field Services Program and its related services and fees have not been reviewed and/or revised since April 2012. 

Scope: The Organizing & Field Services Program is available to “all” IAFF affiliates that belong to PFFMaine. The current PFFMaine/IAFF Affiliates participating in the existing Organizing & Field Services Program agree to amend and maintain the Organizing & Field Services Program based on the terms/conditions of our establish policy. The current PFFMaine/IAFF Affiliate[s] that are not participating in the Organizing & Field Services Program were grandfathered in July 2012 from the Organizing & Field Service Program, unless they express an interest in participating in the program. All new PFFMaine affiliates will be required to participate in the Organizing/Field Services Program as outlined in this policy.

Please take the time to review the attached policy. If you have any questions, need additional information and/or see the need to discuss any of the policy further and/or have a need to request assistance/service under this policy, please contact your respective District Vice-President.

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